Healthy Balance is one of the largest networks of mobile allied health professionals providing allied health services to patients at their home or aged care centre. Healthy Balance is committed to providing high quality allied health services to individuals, groups and communities throughout Australia under DVA, EACH, TACP, government or private funded health packages

Healthy Balance has a team of professional, accredited and mobile allied health professionals consulting patients throughout Australia in the following areas and/or conditions:


Occupational Therapy



Speech Pathologist

Exercise Physiologists

Healthy Eating education

Home Safety Assessments

Mobility and Balance

Nail Cutting and treatment.

Difficulty with swallowing and/or eating

Fall Prevention tips and exercises

Weight Management

Independent Living Skills and daily living assessments

Strengthening for weak muscles

Corns, Callous, Cracked Heels and Bunions

Speech that is not understood

Mobility and Balance

Nutritional Supplements and Support

Home Modification Advice e.g. ramps, rails, etc

Whiplash / Low Back Pain / Shoulder Impingement

Ingrown Toe Nails / Fungal Nails

Sudden change in ability to communicate

Cardiovascular  disease / Respiratory diseases

Diabetes / Impaired glucose tolerance /

Aids and Equipment Prescription e.g. Scooters,Wheelchairs, Vital Calls

Hip Joint and Knee Pain / Ankle Sprain

Flat Feet and Sore Feet

Drooling / Stuttering

Obesity / Cancer / Diabetes (Types 1 and 2)

Cardiovascular Disease / High Cholesterol

Equipment Modification & Training

Aids assessments e.g. walking frame

Orthotics / Footwear (Prescribe, Supply & Fit)

Frustration when communicating

Neurological / Stroke / Osteoporosis / Osteoarthritis

Nutritional Deficiencies / Cancer

Increase Client Mobility through Walking Aids

Sacroiliac Joint Pain


Poor socialisation

Multiple Sclerosis / Parkinson’s Disease

Gastric reflux / Constipation

Falls Prevention Advice

Mobilisation of stiff joints / Muscle Strain

Knock Knees / Heel Spurs

Pervasive Development Disorders

Musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation /dysfunction

If you would like to see a Healthy Balance allied health professional or know of a patient that may benefit from a Healthy Balance allied health consultation, please download the below referral form and fax, email or post the completed referral form to Healthy Balance. Alternatively, you can send the details of the patient referral to Healthy Balance by using the contact field located on the last tab of the website.

click here to download referral form.

If you have any individual or group of patients under your care that may benefit from a mobile allied health consultation, Healthy Balance would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a proposal document outlining Healthy Balance’s capabilities and unique fixed fee structure.

Healthy Balance’s unique fixed fee structure includes provision of a fixed fee for any allied health consultation covering consultation time, written report (if applicable), travelling time and correspondence with patient’s medical and other allied health practitioners, pharmacist, nurse, family members and carer(s).